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Create your own audio books

In today's busy world, audio books are a excellent way of being able to enjoy great literature while doing something else. Dostojevski in the car, Shakespeare in the gym, Dumas on the train - the sky is the limit! The only problem is that there are still so many great books that aren't available in audio form - and the ones in the shops often cost a lot more than you'd like to pay. Fortunately, there is a simple, affordable solution: TextAloud.

This text to speech software allows you to turn text documents into audio files, enabling you to create as many audio books as you like! Download free eBooks online, and turn them into audio books with TextAloud - you can choose between a variety of different voices, and you'll be amazed by how human-like and natural sounding they are.

At only $29.95, this text to speech tool is one of the most affordable ways of building up a library of great audio books. Download a free trial today, and discover how easy it is to create your own audio books!

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We've had a lot of positive feedback from customers who use TextAloud to create audio books. Here are some of their comments:

"TextAloud is a great timesaver, allows me to listen to course material or classic books from the Gutenberg press, even the writings of Sir Winston Churchill or Ben Franklin to enrich my life. I can do all this while driving to work or working out in the gym -- to date I have listened to more than 10,000 pages of documents, along with writing more than 27 graduate papers thanks to TextAloud. TextAloud has enabled me to maintain some semblance of normality in my very busy life. Great product!"

"I get eBooks from school. Using TextAloud allows me to "read" books while doing other things instead of just sitting at the computer to do so."

"I listen to books from the Gutenberg website, split them into pieces of 15 kb apiece, then convert each to an MP3 for listening on my portable. I can then enjoy a story in the car while commuting -- the amount of books I have read this way in the last year, and without effort, is unbelievable."

"I use TextAloud for books and short stories I get off the web. I love audio books, yet there are many great books that are not available in audiobook form. Using TextAloud I can find a text version and listen to it on my MP3 player."


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