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TextAloud reading disability software

A reading disability can be a real hindrance when you want to use the Internet. From blogs and websites to forums and newsgroups, most online activities are text based. Naturally, it is hard to use and enjoy the world wide web when reading is a time-consuming struggle. Luckily, this doesn't mean that you can't benefit from the internet in the way that other people do. If you have a reading disability, software like TextAloud can change the way you use your computer.

Imagine the following scenario: Instead of sitting there peering at your screen, trying to make sense of the mass of words on your glaring computer screen, you can lie back and close your eyes. While you're focusing on listening and absorbing the content, TextAloud reads your chosen texts out loud. Using pleasant, natural-sounding voices, this reading disability software will read emails, web pages, documents, and anything else that you like. Accessing online information and enjoying the web becomes significantly easier with the help of TextAloud.

Another benefit of using TextAloud is that it can double your productivity. It goes without saying that you don't have to lie back and listen to the texts – you can listen while you're doing something completely different. Imagine "reading" a report or your daily emails while you're working on your website or editing your photos – and this is entirely possible with the help of this reading disability software. You can even leave your computer behind altogether, because TextAloud can save your daily readings to MP3 or Windows Media files. This enables you to take your chosen texts with you and listen to them on your iPod or PocketPC when you're on the train, in your car or even at the gym.

TextAloud can help you use the Internet in a way that suits you. This is what one of our users said:

"I have a reading disability and dyslexia. TextAloud has enhanced my life and given me a way around things I once found difficult, like gathering information from the Internet, studying, or preparing for upcoming events." - Eileen G.


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