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Spanish text to speech software

Are you looking for a Spanish text to speech tool? Do you want to be able to listen to emails and online news en español? Look no further! TextAloud is the world's most popular text to speech software, and it is available with a variety of realistic, human-like Spanish voices.

Whether you want to listen to Spanish web pages, emails, news reports or something else, TextAloud is the solution you need. This text reader can even save your daily readings to MP3 or Windows Media Files, making it easy for you to take them with you and listen on the train, in the car, at the gym or anywhere else.

If your native language is Spanish, you'll be impressed by the wide variety of Spanish voices that we offer. Regional varieties such as Mexican and Castilian mean that you can find a voice that is right for you - whether male or female.

If you're studying Spanish and need to improve your listening comprehension skills, TextAloud is the ideal studying companion. Just use any of the human-like Spanish voices to read out web pages, news stories, blogs and more, and you'll be amazed by how quickly you learn.

Listen to these Spanish voice samples!

Alberto (AT&T)
Rosa (AT&T)
Marta (Americas Spanish, Cepstral)
Miguel (Americas Spanish, Cepstral)
Javier (RealSpeak)
Paulina (Mexican, RealSpeak)
Isabel (Castilian, RealSpeak)
  More voices here...

The optional Spanish language voices are not available in the trial version, but if you would like to try TextAloud using an English voice, you can download a fully functional trial version to try free for 20 days. TextAloud costs $29.95 to purchase, and the additional language voices are sold separately per the purchase links below. To purchase, click on the purchase link below for the voice(s) you want to buy and you can add TextAloud from the order form. If you have any questions about the trial, available languages, or anything else, just email us at

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