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TextAloud converts any text into voice and WAV or MP3. Listen to email, web pages, and documents on your PC computer or portable MP3 player. Click here to download and click here to purchase TextAloud. Click here if you need technical support for TextAloud.

This Tutorial page describes a few of the many uses for TextAloud. Check out the sections below for some ideas on how to put it to work for you.

Single Article Mode

TextAloud can easily read aloud anything you are viewing on your PC in real-time:

  • Turn on Single Article Mode using the toolbar.
  • Under Options, check the Automatically Speak New Text.
  • Under the Clipboard TAB, make sure the Watch Clipboard checkbox is checked.

With these settings, TextAloud will read aloud any text that you copy to the windows clipboard.

For example, when viewing an email, web page, or other document, just highlight the text with the mouse, press Control-C, then click the New button on the popup window. TextAloud will automatically begin reading the selected text to you. It's that simple.

Multi-Article Mode - Build Your Personal Newscast!

This is a completely different mode of operation that most TextAloud users love. By selecting Multi-Article Mode from the toolbar, you can store many emails or articles to be read back. Here is one method that works well:

  • Place TextAloud in Multi-Article Mode.
  • Make sure "Watch Clipboard" is turned on.
  • Be sure you've selected which voices are your favorites.
  • Under the Multi-Article options, select Random or Round Robin for Voice Selection (so you will get a variety of voices)

Now, as you read your emails, newsletters, or websites, simply copy any text you'd like to hear to the clipboard as described in Single Article Mode, and click New. Each selection of text will be added to TextAloud as a new article. Each article will automatically preload a title, and select a voice. Do this with all the emails or pages you want to hear. It is particularly suited for news and sports sites where you can select information you want to be informed about, but typically don't have time to read everything.

After selecting the articles you want, simply click the Read Aloud toolbar button, and TextAloud will begin reading the articles to you, changing voices with each article. You can continue to work on your PC or even move around the room while staying informed with your personal newscast.

Using TextAloud With Portable MP3 Players

Many people already have portable MP3 Players or have at least heard of them. They are very popular because you can take CD Quality music with you in a very small player. What people haven't realized yet is the power of portable MP3 players to transform how we get information, learn, stay informed, and work more efficiently. While these players may hold up to an hour of music, they can hold several hours of spoken word. And now, using TextAloud, you can make any information you can read portable.

Using the Multi-Article Mode as described above, you can also convert your custom Newscast to MP3 files:

  • Under the Multi-Article Options, set File Output to Multiple Files.
  • Under the File Options TAB, choose MP3, and specify a directory where the MP3 files should be placed.
  • Load up all your articles and click the Read To File button.

TextAloud will proceed unattended to read all of your selected emails, documents, and news stories to MP3 files, placing each in the specified directory. You can playback these files using an MP3 player on your PC, but you can also download these to a portable MP3 player, allowing you to take your personal newscast with your while you commute, work out, or clean the house. It can allow you to make great use of time your brain is otherwise mostly idle.

How Do You Use TextAloud?

The above are just a few examples of how people are using TextAloud. Let us know how you use TextAloud to improve your life and get more out of your time. Just email us at if you have a favorite use or suggestions on how we can make it work better for you.

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