TextAloud App for iPhone™ / iPad™

We are pleased to announce that our TextAloud App for iOS, designed especially for iPhone™ and iPad™ use, is now available in the App Store.

Purchase TextAloud Now
Since 2000 we have offered TextAloud Text to Speech software for Windows™ that has been featured in The New York Times, PC Magazine, Writer's Digest, and on CNN. If you need Text to Speech software for your Windows™ PC, please see TextAloud 3 on our home page. Our TextAloud App is a basic reader so it does not yet have many of the features in the TextAloud PC version, but we think you will find it useful and we plan to continue improving it. Please email us anytime if you have questions.

TextAloud App for iOS Now Available in App Store!
Priced at just $4.99 in the App Store, the TextAloud App enables you to listen to text on your iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod Touch™. As you use other apps on your device, it runs in the background and automatically creates articles from text you copy to the clipboard. TextAloud maintains an article list and has settings that allow you to configure articles to be spoken automatically as they are added, and deleted when speaking is finished.

Features include word highlighting and also adjustable display colors, brightness and text size. Another helpful option is Auto-Lock While Speaking, which lets you keep your display turned on while speaking is in progress, then once speaking has completed, the display will work with your normal auto-lock setting. TextAloud registers on your device as an app that can handle text files, html files, Word files (.docx only), and epub files (no drm). It also includes DropBox™ integration.

A new scrolling mode turns off word highlighting temporarily and makes it easier to skip to different positions in the text when speaking. The following screen gestures are now recognized:

  • Single Tap - Toggles full screen mode on/off
  • Tap and Hold - Displays a popup menu containing a "Speak From Cursor" menu entry
  • Double Tap - Starts speaking beginning with the word that was double tapped

Voices for the TextAloud App
Two excellent US English voices by Acapela™ (Heather, a female voice and Ryan, a male voice) are included with TextAloud. More Acapela™ voices are available through in-app purchase. A total of 72 Acapela™ voices including 29 different languages are offered. Be sure to note the new Acapela™ children voices Ella, Josh, Harry and Rosie.

Use and Configuration
Finding the app in the AppStore is easy. You can reach it directly via


Or search the AppStore for "TextAloud" and then follow the easy instructions to install it immediately. The App Store listing provides more information including screenshots to introduce you to the TextAloud App.

NOTE: As the TextAloud App does include the two voices with the initial app purchase, it is a sizeable file (120MB) so we recommend using a WiFi connection for an easier download once you purchase it in the App Store.

Finding the TextAloud App through iTunes™
On the left-hand side of the TextAloud App's main page in the App Store users will notice a button labeled "View in iTunes." Clicking this button will open up iTunes™, where users can then download the app to iTunes™, and then sync with their preferred devices.

System Requirements
The TextAloud App for iOS is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod Touch (4th generation), iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPad Mini. It requires iOS 6.1 or later, and is optimized for iPhone 5. Again, we recommend a WiFi connection to download the 120MB file after purchasing.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions about the TextAloud App, please email us for fast and friendly technical support. We also encourage you to visit our User Forums.