Reading long files

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Reading long files

Postby Dave » Mon Oct 13, 2003 6:16 am

The feature of reading long documents by going to the document itself rather than importing into TextAloud can be a little irritating in that one cannot start reading at selected positions within the document.The ability to break the document into smaller sections (eg chapters) helps but the option to import into TextAloud would be a valuable addition. In this context the highlighting of the current word could be greatly improved with use of colour. The current black on white can feel a little harsh on the eye.

In general I am very happy with the software and these are just suggestions for improvement.

Postby kdwhite » Mon Oct 13, 2003 3:56 pm

This problem irritates a lot of people, including me sometimes. The background on it is on some windows systems, possibly most often back on Win95, really large files when displayed within TextAloud would eat up huge amounts of windows resources, sometimes causing crashes, so we hard coded in a limit.

The good news is TextAloud 2.0 shouldn't have this problem, and even in current versions, there is a way we can turn off the limit for you. Email and ask for the instructions to turn off the import limit. We'll email you back a small file that will turn off this limit.
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