Instapaper & TA: A Winning Combo

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Instapaper & TA: A Winning Combo

Postby SFCurley » Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:40 am

I convert about 10-15 news articles a day to MP3 using TA. Once in a while, though, I get half-way through a long article and end up someplace where I can't listen, but could read, and wish I could finish the article. I used to just clip the articles directly to TA, and then convert from there. Now, I save the articles to Instapaper (an online article saving/formatting website that also has apps for the iPhone and think related apps for Androids) and then clip it to TA from there. The great thing about this approach is that any articles that I send to Instapaper automatically get downloaded to my iPhone Instapaper app as easy-to-read stripped down text (but also includes pictures and core article graphics, but not ads, which is really nice). This way, I always have the audio version AND a text-with-graphics-and-pictures version of the article with me. Definitely worth a look.

The Instapaper website is: (for iPhones)
The Instafetch website is: (Android phones)

Note: I have not used the Android version (Instafetch), personally, just the iPhone version (Instapaper).
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