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Welcome to our web site. Our mission at NextUp.com is to bring new and interesting technologies and applications to the Internet community. Talking software is our focus and we strive to continually bring the best in text to speech to your desktop.

While you are online, browse through our products. You can purchase any of them immediately online through our secure server, or instead by fax or mail order. All of our software products are distributed online via the Internet as well as through other channels. Fully functional trial versions for many of our programs are available for download from our web site and other popular software sites.

Maybe it's your first time here and you are wondering what we are all about? Send us an email now and watch how quickly we respond. We are truly dedicated to supporting our products and staying in tune with our customers. We like this quote from one of our customers:

"Thanks so much for the quick response. I have never had a software company in the 15 plus years I have been in computers respond so quickly." - S. Dyer

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