Downloading Microsoft SAPI

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About SAPI
SAPI is a standard Speech Application Interface developed by Microsoft.  Most Speech programs
and voices, including all products and voices, use this microsoft speech interface to allow the program and voices to work together. 

SAPI4 is an older version of the standard, supported by a wider variety of voices, especially older voices.  A newer version of this standard, SAPI5 is supported by most of the newer voices, with some voices, such as AT&T Natural Voices supporting both interfaces. products support both SAPI4 and SAPI5.

Most versions of windows come with either SAPI4 or SAPI5 installed already, but this is not always the case.  There are times when you may need to install one or both of these on your computer in order to allow Text To Speech programs to work, or to take advantage of some features.

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Downloading and installing SAPI5 - WINDOWS XP AND EARLIER ONLY
Versions of windows 2000, and XP typically already have SAPI5 installed, but you may wish to install it again if you are having problems.  Download and run the file below.  If you have problems contact us, as you may not have windows installer on your computer and we can provide help with that.

after installing, reboot your computer (restart windows) to make sure installation is complete.

Downloading and installing SAPI4
SAPI4 is not typically installed on computers, although some speech programs will install it automatically.  To install SAPI4, download and run the installation program below.  NOTE: because SAPI4 is an older standard, on some newer versions of windows, you may see notices during install about installing older files over newer ones.  It is important that you answer "No To All" to this question.

Having Problems?

SAPI is a windows interface, and from time to time it can get broken by installation of some programs, or by incomplete windows updates.  If you are having trouble, we have a lot of experience in debugging these problems, so please just email us.

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